8 Advantages of Using Airfreight Services

Airfreight services have greatly shaped the logistics and are an important element of supply chain management for companies in a wide variety of industries.
In the year 1910, the first cargo was transported by aeroplane from Dayton to Columbus, Ohio and since then the airfreight has constantly evolved for the greater good. By 1920s, with technological advancements, aircrafts started transporting both passengers and goods together.
Airfreight is often used for high value and low volume shipments thus helping companies & merchants save time and cost.
Here are some more benefits of considering airfreight services over other modes of freight forwarding.

1) Global shipping
Air freight opens more doors for companies to package shipments to a large network of the destination or one can say any destination with an airport. The other modes of freight transport, that are sea and land freight, have less flexibility when it comes to reaching to the smaller countries.
Global shipping opens opportunities for merchants to reach & deliver to a wider customer base.

2) Fastest shipping method
Airfreight service is the best solution when it comes to meeting the freight deadlines as compared to road or sea transport. Unlike the other shipping methods, Airfreight method is highly reliable as flights do not have issues regarding the arrival and departing hours.

3) Good delivery in excellent conditions
The quality of shipping showcases the quality of the company and its brand. There are always cases where the consignments get damaged while during the shipping process.
Airfreight shipping is preferred for this reason as it guarantees the good condition of your goods upon arrival at the destination thus protecting your brand image.

4) Cargo security
We all know the strict management at the airports when it comes to security. As the cargo receiving areas are highly monitored there are fewer to no chances for theft and mishandling of consignments as compared to other freight solutions.

5) Warehousing issues are solved
As the cargo is shipped quickly and in regular time intervals thanks to timely arrival and departing hours of the flights, there is no need for local warehousing to store the goods for a long time and overload with stock.

6) Reduced packing for goods
Air Cargo needs less size and less heavy packing than sea or road. This directly reduces freight rates because the shipments may be less-than-truckload and low weight. This is where it makes more meaning to consider air freight.

7) Large savings
One can benefit from air freight cargo in terms of saving on cargo insurance premium. Though the cost of air freight can be expensive than sea and land, the benefits of lower insurance premium costs pushes the companies to opt for this method.

8) Quick legal procedure
When you choose air freight service, all the legal formalities are taken care without any hassle. In sea freight, following all the legal procedures and regulations is difficult when passing over the International borders

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