How G&P Logistics can help you connect your business to the global market


In today’s global market, logistics plays an important role if the business wants to keep pace with customer demands and outperform competitors.
Irrespective of your business location or industry that belong to, logistics can help cut on the costs and save time you spend on transporting products from point A to point B.
G&P Logistics is a privately owned Kuwait based logistics & freight forwarding service company specialized in logistics services in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Middle East region as well as to European countries, US, China and many others.

Effectively coordinated logistics lead to positive business results

Being the leading 3PL company in Kuwait, we provide both tailored logistics solutions and generic services. G&P is determinedly committed to provide high quality, cost-effective and integrated solutions tailored to meet customers’ needs as it is a complete solution provider.

Our core services that will help you connect your business to the global market

  1. Overland Transportation
    G&P Logistics offers a wide variety of transportation services for shipping throughout the Middle East Region. Our trucking services make sure that your freight reaches in a secure and timely manner irrespective of location. Keeping in par with the technology, G&P Logistics engages in transportation management systems, GPS tracking devices and customer online access to systems and ensures excellent delivery performance.
    Some of the goods that we transport through us by land, sea and air include FMCG, Refrigerated Food and perishable products, Pharmaceutical and medical products, Hazardous and non-hazardous solids and liquids,heavy equipment and machinery, construction materials such as sand, rocks, asphalt and steel, etc.
  2. Import And Export – Freight Forwarding
    G&P Logistics designs and operates global supply chains and is a perfect partner that deliver products to everywhere you need them. Using our innovative end-to-end solutions with data connectivity, we provide the necessary resources to support your supply chain.
    Our full range of international freight forwarding and advanced supply chain management solutions are tailored to meet our customers’ needs for imports, exports, and project logistics while offering door-to-door services via air and ocean, as well as integrated distribution.
  3. Warehousing Management And Distribution
    Focus your time and resources on your core business, while G&P takes care of your warehousing and distribution. We are your perfect warehousing partner that helps you in minimising your investments in infrastructure by offering advanced tech based inventory management solutions.

Other important services that we provide to the international trade community includes, Supply Chain Consulting Services, Bonded Warehousing, Free Zone To Free Zone Operations, Automated Vehicle Tracking System, Customized Third-Party Logistics Solutions, Custom Clearance & Documentation

Choosing the right logistics and freight forwarding company is an important decision. We are a team of logistics & transportation management professionals with a commitment to investment in state of the art business intelligence, visibility and tracking technology that sets us apart from others.

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