How to select the right 3pl company for your logistics needs

3pl stands for Thirds Party Logistics provider. Logistics have shaped the global business by getting more efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the process.
Selecting the right and trustworthy 3PL service provider is important for any merchant if it wants to accomplish successful customer order fulfilment. By choosing the right 3PL partner a business can save on cost and get great service in return. Before heading to how to choose the best and right 3PL service provider, lets first know what 3PL is.

What is a 3PL?

When a merchant decides to outsource logistics processes like inventory management, warehousing, order fulfilment and transportation services to another agency, it is called as 3PL.
A 3PL service provider, with their advanced tools and logistics processes, helps businesses to achieve their goals efficiently.

Choosing a 3PL for your business is quite challenging as it involves a lot of factors to be considered in making sure you have chosen the right one.
First of all, a business has to know their own needs before starting to search for a 3PL service provider.

Here are some basic parameters that you can consider while choosing a 3PL provider for yourself.

1) Logistics capabilities
See to it that the 3PL services provider that you choose for your business is competent in the areas you are looking for. The 3PL company may be an expert in one area but that doesn’t mean it can fulfil your specific logistics requirements.
Also, when you partner with a 3PL company, consider their services which fulfil your short term goals and also they meet future needs. Like some services, that the 3PL provides, you might not want to avail today, but maybe a necessity after a year or so. Think in that perspective.

2) Customer support
How responsive is the 3PL company when it comes to customer services. It may be difficult to conclude this point at the beginning but with a background check, one can decide on considering the company for logistics services.
Check with their past customers and reviews on online platforms. Reviews matter a lot. One can know if their logistics services will be handled professionally or not with good customer support.

3) Check safety ratings
Safety ratings and customer services go hand in hand. Find a logistics partner with excellent safety ratings. A 3PL service provider who is great in handling and providing efficient customer support will also be excellent in handling the safety of the consignment.

4) Years of Experience
Experience shows 3PL company’s stability. No matter how complex your supply chain is, the right 3PL logistics provider with overall stability will provide you with all the right logistic solutions.
With streamlined logistics management in place, a 3PL provider will save you both costs and time with an efficient process.

5) 3PL provider’s reputation
Reputation matters a lot. Research about the company reputation in the market. How well they have handled their past customers. Do they follow the ethics and professionalism that is required to conduct the business? Many a time a company’s capabilities of handling the client relationship are tested when there is a shortfall in the business agreement.
A good and reputable 3PL provider will be able to withstand any shortcoming and work towards maintaining the client relationship to take your business forward to success.

So here are some of the basic factors you can check on when considering a 3PL company as outsourcing logistic partner. G&P logistics company in Kuwait have been providing successful logistics services for the past 34+ years in UAE. With professional minds working in our team, we have been able to tie up with businesses and enhanced their performance with strategic logistics solutions.
As a 3PL company in Kuwait, we offer the following services in overland transportation, warehousing management & distribution, import and export – freight forwarding, supply chain consulting services, bonded warehousing, Sea freight, Airfreight and more.
We are determinedly committed to providing high quality, cost-effective and integrated logistic solutions that are tailored to meet our client’s needs and connect them globally to enhance business growth.

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