Road or Rail freight? Pros & Cons of these Land Freight service

When it comes to Land Freight forwarding, there are two ways doing it:
Road Transport & Rail Transport.

These are the two modes of freight transportation used for the movement of cargo overland and across continents.

Each of these modes have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s dive right into it!

Road transport, as the name defines, is the movement of goods and supplies over the road network. It is the most commonly and widely used mode of transport for the distribution and delivery of retail and other forms of cargo from the source to the distribution centres or to the final point.

Rail transport on the other hand is a commonly used transport in places for long transit times. Freight trains are capable of carrying freight containers, large to small sized vehicles, grains, coal, minerals and metals etc.

Here are the Pros and Cons of both Road and Rail Transport

Road Freight Transport


Road freight transport is one the most popular way to transport goods across places. They are extremely good for short distance deliveries and the deliveries can be quick as per set schedule irrespective of the volume of goods to be transported.
The other important factor for it to be popular is because it is cost effective. Goods can be easily transported to remote areas where other modes of transport cannot reach thus being an economical mode to carry large and small shipments.
Road transports are usually operated 24 hours and can be adjust to different timeframes as per the convenience of the work. Mostly used for long haul, short haul, local and over border movements, Road freight transportation is flexible, in terms of timeframe, final destination and volume & type of goods. Here one can keep a track of cargo with GPS and satellite which is an easier option.


With all the above advantages that road freight transport offers, there are some drawbacks to it too. As the goods are moves across states and boundaries, various traffic regulations and speed limits puts the break on the movement of the cargo. Also the weather and road conditions matters and can causes delays in the road shipping schedules.

Apart from that, road accidents and hold up by the authorities creates a problem when it comes to road transport deliveries.

What is the solutions to avoid all these.
When it comes to road freight transport, there will be minor major ups and downs. So it is advisable to take help or consult with 3pl company that has well-established network with all the customs and clearance is taken care thus avoiding the time delays.

Rail freight Transport


Being the fastest transport mode on land, Rail freight transport is reliable and hardly affected by traffic or weather conditions. when it comes to transporting very large volume of cargo in bulk, rail transport proves to be more economical and much quicker.

Rail transport is also an integral part of an intermodal strategy.

What is Intermodal strategy in freight movement?

It is the use of two or more mode of transportation for transporting freight between two points. Rail transport is often used as part of an intermodal strategy that proves to be beneficial.
When it comes to being environment friendly, rail transport is the winner as it burns less fuel per ton mile than road vehicles


The first in the list is that rail transport does not cater to all types of cargo. Also rail transport is not for short distances. The sender and the receiver should be near the terminal in the metro area. When it comes to time sensitive loads, rail transport is best avoided.
Also shipping of prohibited or restricted is not possible. Some of the cargo items that leaks can damage the equipment.
If one is planning to use the rail transport in the intermodal strategy then one should keep in mind to use proper block and brace techniques to reduce the risk of damage.

As we see both Rail and Road Transport plays a major role when it comes to freight movement. Accordingly one must weigh the pros and cons to make the maximum use of both types of transport mode.

To take the maximum benefits from both, it is advisable to partner with a 3pl company who are experts in providing land freight services.

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