Automated Vehicle Tracking System


  • GPRS & SMS Data Transfer
    • GPS data
    • Vehicle statuses and events
  • Automatic GPRS data transfer based on:
    • Time interval [s]
    • Distance [m]
    • Vehicle direction change [deg]
    • Vehicle speed change [km/h]
    • Vehicle situation change (start or hang-up)
  • ‘On demand’ GPRS and SMS data transfer
  • Data logging option while the vehicle in roaming
  • Separate setting of sending parameters for data transfer in home and visited networks
  • Automatic choice of most competitive GSM networks in roaming
  • Data transfer in real time or postponed
    • Periodically after set time expired
    • According to time/s set during the day
  • Automatic SMS Alert


  • GSM
    • Dual Band (900/1800) MHz
    • GPRS Class 10 (85,6 Kbps)
    • SMS (text/data)
  • GPRS
    • 50 Channel GPS Reciever
    • -160dbm Sensitivity
  • Interface
    • 2 Digital Inputs (PTO monitoring, Doors, Panic Button, Digital Sensors etc.), 2 Digital Outputs
    • USB Port, Power 10-30V, OTA FW Update, Internal GSM antenna.


The system is designed for road carriers, shippers, enterprises with own fleet and organizations who wants to enhance fleet supervision, improve service quality and vehicle safety. With InfraFleet customer can identify the nearest available vehicle(s), coordinate service calls, allocate resources to align on demand, and increase job loads. By vehicle locating in real time, InfraFleet helps to increase on-time performance and proactively address potential delays. Furthermore, this application improves transportation efficiency owing to short reaction time in unexpected situations as traffic jam, vehicle failure or accident. With the time spent at each site clearly documented, you can resolve service disputes professionally and ensure accurate billing. There is also an opportunity to optimize timetable owing to vehicles movement analysis and the history of vehicle routes.


InfraFleet back-end software has intuitive user interface and makes fleet management simple. InfraFleet is configured in a way that the customer himself can define parameters to be controlled. Vehicle status data transfer in optimal time intervals or immediate ‘on demand’. Expenses optimization of GPRS traffic is achieved by double adjustment of parameters for data transfer in home and visited network. GSM network choice in roaming is provided automatically as per predefined provider lists and their tariffs. InfraFleet provides data about vehicle position, speed, important events, route and speed compliance, and other data about history of vehicle routes with convenient showing on maps and tables. Customizable reports are easily exported for archival or post processing use.


Link to embedded vehicle alarm system and optional ‘panic’ key improves safety level for both the workers and vehicles. Besides, InfraFleet system monitors drivers’ performance and encourages accountability to a great extent. Managers can immediately identify off-route or unauthorized activity as well as excessive speed and take corrective action. Additionally, InfraFleet assists in discovering stolen vehicles instantly.

  • Voice and SMS communication with driver using optional handset with display
  • Optional temperature sensors for temperature monitoring in the freight area
  • Optional differential or single flow meter for fuel consumption measurement
  • Optional driver identification
  • Optional engine immobilizer
  • Fuel level measurement
  • RPM measurement
  • Optional”Panic Key”
  • Acceleration sensor on board
  • Expenses optimization of GPRS traffic in home and visited networks
  • Firmware update ‘over the air’


  • Sets of Standard Reports Included
  • Built-In Report Generator
  • Multi-Group Reports (Summaries, Details etc.)
  • No Data Re-processing required
  • Scheduled report can be sent to Email List
  • Third Party Tools (via Database)


  • High Resolution Maps and Coverage
  • Location Data on Maps
  • Multiple Map Options
  • Custom Maps can be included any time: ESRI/Vector
  • Unlimited Geofence/Zones, POI, Landmarks, Live/History Tracks