Stages of Air Shipping Process : How it works

In today’s fast paced world, air shipping is THE ideal solution to move freight across the countries — quickly and safely.
Though ocean freight shipping has been in picture for years popularly for being the economical mode of shipment. But for those who have time constraints finds air freight service to be efficient. It is expensive than ship freight services but when time matters more, you have to spend for a little extra.
Today we will know how Air freight shipping works.

The process is simple. The logistics company that you hire, for eg. G&P Logistics in Kuwait, will make arrangements with a trucking company to pick up your product at your warehouse. The trucking company will drive your product to the airport where it will be put on a plane. When it lands, another truck will arrive to take your shipment to its destination.

Documentation You Will Need
The paperwork required to ship goods by air will depend on what kind of product you are shipping and where it is going. For example, an exporter of foreign products will need a quotations document, which includes the details of the product they are shipping. If you are shipping something that may be considered a hazardous material, you will need a certificate of inspection from the FAA. Your logistics company should be able to help identify any paperwork you will need to ship your product.

It is very important that all labels are filled out thoroughly and that they are filled out accurately. An incorrectly labeled product can cause delays and cost you money. You will not get your product to the client on time and the carrier may charge you for storage if your shipment cannot go out when it is supposed to.

Calculating the Cost of Air Freight
The carrier that you use will have a pretty big impact on the cost of your shipment. Remember to shop around to find the best rate. Where you are going will also factor into the cost just as it would if you were flying on a commercial airline.

You will also be billed according to the chargeable weight of a product. The chargeable weight is the gross weight or volumetric weight. You will be charged the amount that is greater. You may also be billed for airline handling charges, storage of containers, custom fees, and fuel surcharges.

Types of Aircrafts
There are a few different kinds of aircraft upon which you may ship products. A cargo aircraft is larger than a regular aircraft and is used strictly for the transportation of commercial products. There are no passengers on these planes and they sometimes transport hazardous material.

Commercial planes will often carry small shipments of commercial freights. There are size and weight limits on commercial planes and there are people on board, so there are some materials that they are not allowed to carry.

If you have a shipment that needs to be there pronto, you can charter a flight. A charter plane will be private and it is a good option for shipping something very large, right away. Film crews do this often when filming outside of California.

Air freight shipping is the fastest and easiest way to get your product where it needs to go. It may be expensive, but a well-stocked retail store or warehouse will result in profits and keep your customers happy.

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