Types of Trucks Used for Road Freight Shipping

Road freight is the most commonly used freight service. Wherein trucks are used to transport the cargo from point A to point B. These trucks come in varied shape and size supporting different kinds of loads.

Each type of these trucks are designed to carry specific type of cargo. Depending on the shape and size of transport, this makes the freight transport easy.

Now, many business may need assistance in finding the best suitable truck for the type of cargo they have.

In this blog, we will discuss with you what types of trucks are there and what kind of cargo they carry.

Refrigerated Trucks
These kinds of trucks have the facility of refrigeration. The goods prone to perish are transported by these trucks as they provide freezing service and everybody knows that freezing keeps things from getting perished. Milk, eggs, edibles, medicines etc are transported through these. Usually, the transportation is done overnight.

What is a flatbed? Flatbed trucks have a cabin for driver and the rest of the truck is open. These trucks are best for loading of woods, pipes {concrete or plastic whatever} and other things like that. They are long and open which makes easy loading and unloading. A maximum freight of 48,000 pounds can be loaded on a single flatbed trailer that it can easily handle.

Box Trucks
They are simple trucks also known as cube trucks. These trucks are smaller in size, well closed. Usually, these trucks are used for home furniture whilst families move from a place to another. These are usually in good demand because they require fewer license requirements and are usually easily handled and managed.

‘Liftgate’ trucks
Liftgates is a common term used in American slang. In British English ‘Lift tails’ is used for the same. These have an installed rear end which collects goods from ground level and then loads it in the truck. It reduces heavy lifting to a good extent and also facilitates with better service. The up-lifter can be hydraulic, mechanic etc depending on the truck and technology used.

Semi-Trailer Trucks
Now, semi-trailer type of trucks are also widely used. They have openable sides, roof or back whatever suits you to load the freight. They have a capacity of 24,000 kilograms. It is best for the goods that are stored in stacks.

Jumbo Trailer trucks
They are pretty much similar to the ones mentioned above. These trailers have more capacity than the semi-trailer trucks as they have lesser wheel diameter and a G-shaped floor that supports capacity. These trucks are best for capacious goods as these trucks are very spacious and lightweight. Just like the semi-trailer truck, one can load from the sides or top or back wherever seems convenient.

So, all these were the commonly used trucks in the logistics field. One can easily understand their working and the type of load they can carry along with capacity and other features and easily decide which kind of truck supports the kind of freight the customer has. One should wisely select the type of truck they need as they all have different rates depending on the factors that affect freight rates.

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