What is Land Freight and how does land freight work?

Logistics have shaped the global business and is considered the backbone of any economy. Businesses that want to expand and extend its reach should consider trading on a global level. Logistics can help businesses to achieve this feat.
What is logistics?
Logistics is the science of planning, organising & executing the procurement, maintenance and distribution of goods all within a system created to achieve a specific goal. In logistics, the major fields of work that is required to be done include procurement logistics, production logistics, distribution logistics & disposal logistics.
Land freight plays an important part in this logistic system when it comes to the distribution of goods.
But before we head to understand what is Land freight and how it works, let us first define freight forwarding.
Freight forwarding.
The coordination and shipment of the consignment of any kinds of goods via sea, flight, rail or road are called a freight forwarding. In other words, we could also say that freight forwarding is a service availed by companies dealing with import and export business internationally.
But there is a link here which connects the two dots.
The flow of shipment or goods between the two destinations is carried out by a freight forwarder. These are the people in the middle who are responsible for the facilitation of the shipping.
Freight forwarding as mentioned earlier can be done via land, air & sea. So we have respective terms for these as land freight forwarding, air freight forwarding and sea freight forwarding.

What is land freight
Movement of cargo from point A to point B by road through trucks or railway is called as Land freight forwarding.

What are the types of land freight shipments
There are major types of shipment movement involved in Land freight forwarding. One is LTL shipments ( Less than Truck Load) that moves cargo with a weight of between 150 and 15,000 pounds. Efficient for domestic and international land freight shipments that occupy less than 24 feet of the space and is not more than 5 pallets.
Then there is FTL (Full Truck Load) where the truck’s trailer carries only one shipment in bulk. The entire space is reserved for one dedicated shipment. This type of trucking has several benefits which include
Cheaper compared to LTL trucking.
The shipments get to the destination quickly as there are no other stopovers in between.
Less handling which means fewer chances of goods getting damaged
Container trucking is one more type of shipment mode where the containers between the loading site and the container port (or yard) are moved.
Heavy-lift cargo trucking is the one which is moved by heavy-duty trailers specially made to handle cargo of any dimension and weight.

How land freight works
Land freight services are steady and flexible, safe and practical. Most of the products that are transported include FMCG, Refrigerated Food and perishable products, Pharmaceutical and medical products, Hazardous and non-hazardous solids and liquids, chemicals, dangerous goods, heavy equipment and machinery, construction materials such as sand, rocks, asphalt and steel.
Most of the LTL system works follow this process. The shipment is collected first from point A. Point A is shipper’s loading site. The shipment is then delivered to the service provider or third party warehouse. The shipment is then sorted and put together with other loads whose destination is the same. The same process goes on till the shipment is reached the recipient location.
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