Why 3PL Warehouse is Beneficial

In the logistics and supply chain industry, warehouse storage and inventory management play an important role and if managed properly can quickly boost any business’s bottom line.

How can 3PL warehouse benefit your business?
Hiring a 3PL warehouse helps you to manage the cargo storage and the logistics of shipping that cargo to the desired destinations.
This helps you in a way that you don’t need to rent a storage space, manage freights, plan out shipment delivery routes, retrieving stock in an organised manner and so on.
This is why partnering with a third party with years of expertise, technically sound and warehouse footprint offers flexibility and scalability for your business.

When you are looking to hire a 3PL service provider to support your business, here are four benefits of using their warehouse for your business.

Pay for what you use

Don’t spend heavily on high real estate or renting out an entire warehouse where space will be wasted. A 3PL warehouse provider will offer you the required space and charge you a service fee based on the space or transaction done.
So you will be saving on your expenditure w.r.t the storage space.

Labour and space allocation as per your need

Well-designed and innovative 3PL service providers have optimised inventory fulfilment management systems that allows you to minimise periodic costs. Depending on the volume of transactions that are processed, warehousing space and labour servicing will be adjusted accordingly. This means that you only pay for the services that need to occur to manage the inventory that needs to be fulfilled for your customers.

Experience providing error-free deliveries

Efficient inventory fulfilment ensures that your end customers receive the right products on time and at the least cost to you. Customers prefer convenience and businesses need to ensure that they can lower their delivery costs to gain valuable margin. A 3PL service provider can assist with distribution design, labelling of products and other order fulfilment services to effectively deliver products without error

Variable cargo volumes? Not a problem!

3PL service providers understand that business demand and supply experiences seasonal fluctuations. To help you manage the costs of running your business, 3PL service providers can adjust the amount of services they provide to you when business conditions change. This can help to manage cashflow especially when demand is low, or products are being revised in anticipation of the new season. This flexible offering makes partnering with a 3PL provider ideal.

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